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Currently, Harvey J. Lawrence & Associates, Inc. provides construction services in over thirty states, utilizing over 130 inspectors. We service from the southwest to the northeast in the contiguous 48 states.

Should you require services outside our current location don’t worry, we will expand to any area at no additional cost. We are able to provide this service based on our network of inspectors, relationship with the I.C.C. (International Code Council), relationships with several architectural and engineering firms and with city officials.

Our competence verification of potential inspectors includes reference and resume verification and referral sources. We are able to continually monitor our inspector’s conduct and accuracy because all inspector reports are prepared in our regional office.

All budget verifications are preformed in our regional office assuring repetitive accuracy and tight control of factual reporting. Our budget analyses are based on industry standards of cost, utilizing “Means” as the standard of comparison. Over the years, our office has adjusted some of the “Means” budget figures to more accurately reflect the current costs of construction being experienced by local contractors. Having over 200 projects active at any point in time allows us the expertise to adjust the Means standards specific to each local project.

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