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For over 28 years Mr. Harvey J. Lawrence has provided construction claims services to numerous law firms, surety companies, as well as contractors and commercial and residential owners. Mr. Lawrence is a past construction panel member for the American Arbitration Association and as such has arbitrated numerous cases with excellent ratings by the participants.

As a construction claims consultant Mr. Lawrence has testified and been declared an expert witness in judicial proceedings concerning construction related matters. His claims handling has helped him develop a clear understanding of court proceedings , required presentation materials, report styles and preparing witnesses for their deposition and courtroom testimony.

Mr. Lawrence’s experience with critical path, productivity, efficiency and labor analysis, as well as with his extensive background in physical construction activities, provides the knowledge necessary for evaluating construction related claims. His understanding of contract relationships between the various tiers of construction and the industry standards which govern construction provide the well rounded knowledge necessary to process or defend a client.

Prevention of claims is at the forefront of our work with our lenders and surety clients. Mr. Lawrence’s background is the cornerstone for evaluating potential risks associated with the construction industry.

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